Remote Coaching & Programming

For clients who are unable to regularly train at CrossFit Cypher, or just prefer to workout at home or elsewhere, we offer Remote Coaching & Programming.

If your schedule, commute, or any other hurdle prevents you from working out at our gym as much as you would like, Remote Coaching & Programming may be just what you need to stay on track. We offer full-service fitness, creating a customized program focused on getting you results and taking out the guess work.  We optimize your return on investment. CrossFit, Lifting, and Gymnastics all reward quality of movement over everything, and a qualified coach’s watchful eye is critical for success. Don’t waste your time ingraining poor movement patterns and frustrating yourself. Follow a proven program and let us guide you toward the results that have always seemed just out of reach.

What is expected of you, the athlete:

  • Follow our programming to the letter.
  • Record your lifts and any other prescribed movements /workouts on video.
  • Diligently track and document your workouts through our software system.

What is provided by your coach:

  • Weekly feedback on your movement, workouts, and progress.
  • Answers to any questions about your technique, physiology, strategy, nutrition, and mental game.
  • Advice to improve your Lifting (Olympic, Power, or any accessories), Gymnastics, and any other movements where efficiency may be improved.
  • Programming supplementation as needed to work around injury, prepare for specific events, or target a particular weakness.
  • Shopping, recipe, and meal lists.