Philosophy & Mission


Culture. Community. Cypher. We believe that we are a part of a Physical Culture, a movement that spans the generations and the continents. Our mission is an old one with a rich history: to lead the front in improving people’s’ lives through movement. We believe in our Community – that each person is inherently and equally valuable, whether they are deadlifting 50# or 500#. Our mission is to teach people to move and live vibrantly, with purpose and precision. We believe in our own unique CrossFit Cypher; a circle where we tell our stories through movement and through sharing in the common struggles that unite us. Our mission is to foster a fun and lively atmosphere where each of us can fully express and actualize ourselves. And, to paraphrase JFK, we don’t merely utter these words, we live by them.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything, whether you are in the gym or out in the world. We are impeccable with our word. We don’t take anything personally. We don’t make assumptions. We do our best. These are The Four Agreements, and to be a leader in our community, you must do your best to live by them as well.

We are the bridge to help people live a more active, healthy lifestyle. They often come to us in not-the-best shape of their lives, vulnerable and struggling. They put their trust in our guidance. We are teachers. Our role is sacred.

We believe in fun! We believe that to be effective in the long-term, movement has to be enjoyable. It has to be playful and creative.

We believe in hard work. Really hard work. Our own demonstrable efforts are a guiding light that others can follow and a few may even surpass. They encourage all to work harder in the face of their own challenges.

We believe our obsession with improving movement (ours and theirs) are self-evident. We believe in chasing our goats.

We believe in the long haul. Commitment to continuous progress is necessary for self-actualization; if you’re not moving forward with purpose, you’re stagnant (which is okay sometimes too). We set goals and celebrate when they’re reached. And then we reach further.

At the same time, we recognize progress is not linear. We forgive ourselves and each other easily when we fall short of our objectives. Even when we lose in the gym, we are still winning at life by pursuing our evolution. We start again.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re comfortable in our skills, and can joke about our weaknesses. It’s always easier when you’re the best, but while we may use objective measures to assess our fitness, in the world we are all equals regardless of our abilities. We believe that training for a backpacking trip and The CrossFit Games are equally valid pursuits.

We believe in science. We are committed to ongoing education. We believe that the more you know, the more humbled you should become by the awareness of the growing universe of knowledge that is out there.

We believe in optimizing and pursuing virtuosity in functional movement patterns. We believe in squatting and pressing, cleaning and jerking, strict and kipping. We believe in The Ten Skills, the Unknown and Unknowable, Fitness in 100 Words, Strict Paleo and Un-strict Un-Paleo, going heavy, going light, going long, going short, sprinting, enduring, anterior and posterior, flexion and extension, fast twitch and short twitch, glycolytic, CP, and aerobic, for time and AMRAP, two hand, one hand, and no hand, couplets and triplets, chippers and EMOMs, all the skills and drills, Russian style, Chinese style, Korean style, and American style. We speak the language of movement.

We do not believe in dogma. We are committed to evolution. If we discover a better way we will plot a new course. We believe in the application of cutting-edge science, the debunking of myths, and the benefits of active debates and discussions.


We believe in human potential and the indomitable human spirit. We believe the best of all of this is embedded within all of us, encoded just like our DNA of which we share 99.5% in common. We are a gym family. We are CrossFit Cypher.

Mauricio Leal

CrossFit Cypher Founder & Co-Owner