Personal Training


Personal Training at CrossFit Cypher

If our regular class times don’t fit your schedule, you have some sport-specific or rehab-related goals, or if you are just new to exercise, 1-on-1 Personal Training may be the preferred avenue for your introduction to our program. You will find the greatest success starting with Personal

Training if your needs or goals include:

  • Extra accountability
  • You have generally been sedentary
  • You are new to exercise
  • You have specific performance-oriented goals (triathlon, baseball, etc.)
  • You are pregnant or have just had a child
  • You have (or have had) an acute joint injury or other medical concern

Your coach will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level and progress you at the proper pace. Please note, if you have pre-existing injuries or are de-conditioned, additional Personal Training sessions may be required before moving into our faster paced Group Classes.

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