CrossFit Cypher Masters

2X/Week for 60 minutes will transform your body, and change your life.

We welcome and are excited to help local seniors stay healthy and maintain a vibrant lifestyle! Please book a No-Sweat Intro so we can sit down and discuss.

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“If someone told me that my 65 year old body would be doing what it’s doing now, I would have said ”getouttahere!” This is one of the best gym experiences I’ve had in ten years after giving up martial arts. The staff are top notch athletes, and the community is one that cares deeply about your overall fitness and well-being. If you’re thinking about getting back into serious workouts, and you’re in the area, then you must check them out. It’s changing my life!”

Jacqueline W.

“First, understand that you can build muscle and increase your flexibility at any age. Along with strength and agility will also be increased mental alertness and better sleep.  Both of us have had the opportunity to excel at hard work throughout our lives.  Whether it was physical, mental, or emotional work, we have had our share of challenges and we have learned some things about how to succeed.  Just because something is hard, does not mean you can’t do it.  It just may mean it may take longer than you had thought or you may have to change your approach (one, two, three or more times) before you accomplish the goal.”

Rocky & Norma S.


What is it?

CrossFit Cypher Masters is a customized group training program designed for our Masters population (ages 50+) to restore and improve mobility, increase day-to-day function and strength, and uses scalable CrossFit workouts to improve long-term Fitness and Longevity.

  • Are you tired of feeling old and tired?
  • Have you noticed that your muscles are not what they used to be and you even need help opening a pickle jar?
  • Do you have low energy?
  • Are your aches and pains forcing you to spend time on the sidelines?
  • Do you feel lost and bored when it comes to exercise?
  • Do you feel like CrossFit is not for you because everything you know about CrossFit seems too advanced, difficult and intimidating?
  • Most importantly, do you want to get better and get the spring back in your step, but don’t know how?

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone over 50+ years, and is adaptable for ALL fitness levels, whether you have not worked out in years, casually exercise, or regularly engage in physical activity. Our Masters program is designed to help you:

  • Take control of your Health, Fitness, and Longevity
  • Gain Strength and Improve Daily Function
  • Increase Energy and Vitality
  • Improve Balance and Flexibility
  • Regain confidence and figure to match
  • Be a part of a like minded & supportive community

We help motivated people to move better, lose weight, get strong, and feel amazing. We do this through exercise and nutrition coaching in a friendly, supportive community at CrossFit Cypher.

The heart of the program is in our expert coaching and guidance tailored to your current ability level. We have years of experience working with the Masters population, and several great example of people just like you who have transformed their bodies and changed their lives through our programs.

How do I get started ?

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