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You don’t have to be an expert — just hire experts

You already have a job. We can simplify 10 years of knowledge for you in 6 months:

☑️ Learn good lifting and movement technique from coaches who care about your safety.

☑️ Learn new skills and experience breakthroughs that make coming to the gym fun and exciting!

☑️ Get your own custom Nutrition plan, written by a Registered Dietician.

☑️ Train at your own pace. Rest is encouraged.

☑️ Be supportive, be supported, make friends.

☑️ Develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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You don’t have to go it alone, or guess

Life is busy, work is crazy, do you ever think:


☑️ I’m tired

☑️ I’m not motivated

☑️ I’m not making progress

☑️ Do I even know what I’m doing?

☑️ I need help…


It doesn’t have to be this hard.



“More energized and excited about coming to class. Other gyms have had classes that were too competitive or I didn’t feel like they really cared about my success.”


“I feel excited and more motivated. I see the numbers and I know I am close to reaching my target.”


“I love that I went out with my co-workers to eat, and instead of ordering my favorite comfort foods I ordered a healthier option and I was still happy because I was out with friends and enjoying my time.”


“I like how easy it is to use. I didn’t feel stressed out about the plan. I was able to do the plan, school and CrossFit at the same time.”


“I felt good when I noticed I was losing inches off my waist. I had more energy for the CrossFit workouts. I feel so much more energy, and I think it’s from the food. It’s all about eating healthier.”



What’s your #1 goal? What vision for your own future excites you? We can help you realize it.

After coaching people for many years, we have discovered just how important having a great start is for your initial motivation to make change happen, adherence to make it a habit (sticking with it for several months), and long-term commitment to see it through (sticking with it even longer). Your first 90 days sets the tone for your next 10+ years of improved health and fitness. And if you can keep something good for you going for 10 years… you will be transformed in an amazing way. That’s what we want. That’s why we do this. To change lives.

Our Services

Group Classes

Over 30 small group sessions per week, tailored to you, starting at $185/mo.

1-on-1 Coaching

Customized sessions based on your goals, starting at $45/session.


Customized plans & mentorship to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Starting at $79/mo


Because of this, we have found that we need to meet with each person 1-on-1 BEFORE any training begins. What’s your story? Where do you want to go? How can we help you get there? The answers are not cookie-cutter!

You can also get answers to common questions like:

  • Are there regular people there like me?

  • I’ve struggled getting results; will it work?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Is it safe?

  • How does it work?

  • Can I get help with my Nutrition?

  • What kind of results can I expect?

  • What’s the difference between Cypher and my current gym/routine?


“The workouts are really good! Working out alone makes it easy to fall into a rut doing the same boring workout day after day. Doing the same workout over and over also makes it easy to not push my limits. CrossFit takes care of all of those problems! The workouts offer a lot of variety, there is something new to try every day, and this makes it easier to consistently get a good workout. Also, the coaching is excellent. The coaches can help scale the workouts to any ability level which ensures everyone gets a great workout, whether they are just starting to workout or already in excellent condition. The community is also wonderful! All the athletes are encouraging and working out with friendly faces makes it easier to try my best.”


“I haven’t really tried any plans in the past, but there are clear goals in this program. Otherwise you can track your eating habits all you want, but without goals how do you track your progress?”


“The first week I started feeling more energy and more alive. My digestion was really good as well. I could feel the benefit of all the greens I was eating.”


“I had done something similar with personal training, but this was more organized and paired well together. I didn’t have the connection to the nutrition piece and the workout piece that I had here.”


Health & Fitness is an investment

And there are costs for putting it off too long:

☑️ Your Confidence in yourself suffers

☑️ Your Family & Relationships suffer

☑️ Professionally you’re not able to give 100%

☑️ As months become years, it gets harder to change course

You deserve a better life today!

Take the first step, you’ll be so glad you did 👇👇!