Cypher Fit Moms

Will you be our next Fit Mom?

Pregnancy is one of the best times to learn to strengthen your deep core muscles.  This goes beyond just strengthening your ‘abs’. Core training is all about learning to strengthen your entire deep core. When you’re learning to connect to your deep core when you’re pregnant, it can actually help you find and feel those deep muscles that you may have never felt.

Some of the benefits to learning how to strengthen your core during pregnancy:

  1. Fewer aches + pains
  2. Better posture
  3. minimize diastasis recti
  4. Improve current diastasis recti
  5. Better pelvic floor strength
  6. Decrease the likelihood of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence
  7. Increased energy
  8. Easier delivery and recovery
  9. Achieving a toned and strengthened core (Hips to Shoulders)
  10. Improve body confidence

It really is possible to get stronger while you are pregnant!

Becoming stronger doesn’t just happen by staying physically active – it requires a specialized training to strengthen your deep core correctly, and learning how to move your body effectively so you feel good! Physical changes in pregnancy can cause us to lose the connection with our core.

You will learn:

–   How to safely move through a workout with the proper modifications for your specific pregnancy.  

  • How to relieve some joint pain you may be experiencing
  • What types of movement will benefit you most based on what stage of pregnancy you’re in (3rd trimester we really focus on “opening up”  for labor instead of tightening down).
  • What level effort is appropriate for you and what weight you should be using for workouts