Frequent question: Is it safe to plug a treadmill into an extension cord?

The use of an extension cord is not recommended. … If an extension cord is utilized, manufacturers specifically suggest that it not include any form of surge protection (most treadmills have built-in surge protection). It is advisable to plug into a grounded outlet (the one with 3 holes and not 2 holes).

Why can’t you use an extension cord with a treadmill?

The voltage that your treadmill needs to run is lost on long extension cords. Not only that but light duty cords can get very hot and cause fires or other damage. The very best situation is to plug your treadmill’s power cord directly into a dedicated 20 amp outlet.

Can I plug my treadmill into a surge protector?

Treadmills are vulnerable to damaging electrical surges because of the power they draw. They should always be plugged in to a grounded outlet or surge protector to minimize damage from electrical currents. Connecting the treadmill to a dedicated circuit is another way to make sure its computer system is protected.

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What should not be plugged into an extension cord?

If the power strip or extension cord feels hot, that is a sign that it is overloaded and may start a fire. Rule two: never plug high power capacity appliances, like space heaters, refrigerators, or microwave and toaster ovens into power strips or extension cords.

Can I plug an elliptical into an extension cord?

You shouldn’t use an extension cord with a treadmill or elliptical. If you must use an extension cord, your best option is a 14-gauge extension cord without a surge protector. Most cardio equipment has a built-in surge protector so your equipment will be safe from surges without an extension cord.

Can I plug my treadmill into a regular outlet UK?

You should always use a socket with dedicated circuit, otherwise you risk damaging your treadmill, unless you have a surge suppressor. … Treadmills are not made to work with GFCI or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt” outlets, because they are extremely sensitive to current fluctuations.

How much power does a treadmill need?

On average, a treadmill uses between 600 and 700 watts of energy. That’s the equivalent of watching three or four 46-inch LCD televisions or leaving 50 compact fluorescent light bulbs burning, for the duration of your workout.

Should you unplug your treadmill when not in use?

The short answer to this without going into a lot of detail about electricity and how it’s used by a treadmill is ALWAYS unplug your treadmill after each use. … This can actually result in the power surge protector to trip and cut off the power supplied to the treadmill when in use.

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How do I protect my treadmill?

Install a Mat

Using a mat under your machine is more to protect your treadmill’s surroundings than the treadmill itself. A treadmill mat will keep your flooring from becoming damaged and help keep any noise at bay if your treadmill setup is in a second-story room.

Why is my treadmill shocking?

Static charge acts like a vacuum, attracting carpet fibers, pet hair, dirt, and dust particles that make their way into the belt and motor compartments. Once the underside of your treadmill or elliptical clogs up with dust and debris, the lower electronics board and gears can seize up and damage the equipment.

Is it safe to plug an extension into an extension?

Never overload an extension lead by plugging in appliances that together will exceed the maximum current rating stated for the extension lead. … Only use one socket extension lead per socket and never plug an extension lead into another extension lead.

Is it safe to leave extension cords plugged in outside?

Although outdoor extension cords are tough, you still must not leave them outside for more than a day or two. Leaving this outside for an extended period will make your cord susceptible to breaking down, which can result in sparking, fire, and shock.

What is the safest extension cord?

Choose cords with polarized or three-prong plugs. For use with larger appliances, thick, round, low-gauge extension cords are best. For smaller appliances and electronics, you can use thin or flat cords.

How many amps does a treadmill use?

Electrical Question: What is the electric circuit requirement for a treadmill. Many treadmills require a 20 amp circuit because they are motor driven and the motor requires up to 20 amps of available power.

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Where do treadmills plug?

Nearly all commercial treadmills only run on a 5-20/NEMA plug. If a dedicated circuit is not available, ensure the least number of appliances, lamps, etc are active on that circuit.

Can you replace a power cord on a treadmill?

Resolution: Replace Power Cord

To purchase the replacement power cord, visit the Horizon Fitness replacement parts website. For assistance, please call 888.878. … To order replacement parts, visit or email