“The skills you develop in CrossFit bleed out into your everyday lives; the strength you get, the confidence you develop, the barriers you learn you can break, the relationships you build. Amongst many others, these are life skills that will make you a better person and more successful in all aspects of life.”

Congratulations to Coach Becky, our latest Cypher Coach Spotlight!

Cypher: What were you doing for exercise/sport before you found CrossFit?

Speedskating (able to walk-2010) Track Cycling (2007-2009)

Cypher: How long have you been doing CrossFit now?

A little over 5 years


Cypher: What’s your finding/starting CrossFit story?

After retiring from Speedskating in 2010, I suddenly found myself without a “tribe” to belong to. I was self motivated enough to do my own workouts, but I missed group suffering:) I initially started off at a boxing studio that incorporated certain aspects of CrossFit. While I really loved boxing and being part of a group again, I became more and more interested in actual CrossFit because I wanted to lift more. I joined Ute CrossFit in SLC, UT in 2012 and knew that it was for me.

Cypher: What made you decide to get your Level 1 Cert? What was that experience like?

I was already shadowing other coaches before work and after work and had decided that personal training and coaching was my calling. The (mostly) desk job that I was at (Civil Engineering Firm) was getting old and I wasn’t passionate about it. I couldn’t maintain the long days. I was getting up at 4:30am to shadow the 5am CrossFit class, taking the 6am class, then going to work for 9 hours. After work I shadowed/trained at another CrossFit gym because I wasn’t sure which one I’d end up coaching at. I’d chat with the gym owner for a while after evening class, and end up home at 9-10pm. This was also all leading up to our wedding. It was time to get my cert and make the career switch!


Cypher: What other certifications or credentials do you hold?
USA Weightlifting, CrossFit Strongman, NASM, Gym Jones L1, CrossFit Pregnancy & Postpartum, CrossFit Kids
Cypher: Do you think you have a niche or specialty as a coach? If so, what about it is interesting/exciting to you?
My new niche that I’ve been working on a lot recently is postpartum education. I’ve been taking many classes and certs for Pelvic Floor and abdominal recovery and strength following childbirth. Obviously, this is very near and dear to me having just gone through it myself. I had no idea what it was all about until I had to do it. I also hope to one day make coaching Adaptive Athletes my niche as well. This includes people that may be missing a limb, wheelchair bound, suffer from MS, polio, special needs, etc. It’s amazing to see the things they can accomplish and as a coach it’s a huge challenge to try to take each individual with their restrictions, and improve their fitness. There’s no one size fits all. It’s a lot of trial and error.
Cypher: What is one of your proudest coaching moments (or 2 or 3)?
My very first personal client ever (back in UT) took every word I told her to heart regarding diet and fitness. Most people half listen and then go home and decide what they really want to do. She just did everything I said and lost over 50 lbs. She is so much happier now. She got married, lives a much more active lifestyle, and is more content. She struggled with depression before and didn’t have much confidence. Obviously she did this herself. She put in the work in the gym and effort with choosing foods and changing her diet completely. But, she still credits me with a lot of it and that makes me very happy. Today she is one of my best friends.

Cypher: How has doing and/or coaching CrossFit improved other aspects of your life?

I am much better at being a leader and being the center of attention. I also feel that I’ve been exposed to just about every personality type out there and can work with just about anyone.


Cypher: What has been the most rewarding part of coaching CrossFit for you?

Seeing the way it affects peoples lives outside of the gym. The skills you develop in CrossFit bleed out into your everyday lives; the strength you get, the confidence you develop, the barriers you learn you can break, the relationships you build. Amongst many others, these are life skills that will make you a better person and more successful in all aspects of life.



Cypher: What encouragement or words of advice would you give to new members starting out?

Great job! You showed up! Now keep doing that.

Cypher: What encouragement or words of advice would you give to new coaches starting out?

It’s good to be nervous. It means you care. Don’t get carried away by it though. Always fall back on the basics and trust your gut. Find your own style instead of trying to copy someone else’s. You can’t please everybody and you shouldn’t want to.

Cypher: Could you tell us about your experience becoming a new mom while maintaining/modifying your exercise routine? What advice would you give to those about to embark on a similar journey?

Honestly, recovering from childbirth was so much harder than I thought it would be. I feel like I kind of rocked my pregnancy and was able to work out pretty hard and lift somewhat heavy throughout it. Everyone told me I’d “bounce back” quickly because I was so fit. Then came Chappy. I’m pretty sure he was bound and determined to destroy all body parts on his way out. Of course everyone has a different recovery journey based on what their birth and pregnancy was like. I thought I’d come back a lot quicker, but it took over 3 months for me to feel like I could do most things and go hard again. It has now been over 4 months and I’m still not back to normal. I still have things that limit me and I have pain in certain areas. I’m hoping that at the 1 yearr mark, most things are resolved, but it really does just take time. My advice would be to go with the flow, listen to your body, and have patience with yourself. Don’t have a plan, because plans usually go to shit anyway.


Cypher: Who are/have been some of your greatest teachers? Why?

I feel that I take a little bit of every trainer/coach that I look up to and respect. Even if I don’t think they’re the best at what they do or like everything they do. There is at least one thing they are good at that I take away and try to learn from and incorporate in myself. Of course, there have been many people that I try to take a LOT from too. Some are CrossFit coaches from my past, some from my present. If i had to pick one person from my life, I’d choose one of my old speedskating coaches. He is Dutch, and had me performing my very best. He took a job as Head coach for Germany and I was devastated.



Cypher: What books would you recommend for new coaches?

There are so many books and articles out there these days. I can’t recommend one single one. Mostly because my brain cells just can’t recollect one at the moment. Read lots of variety and read often! You can learn something from just about everyone.


Cypher: Favorite quote?

“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile….then walk into a pole”.


Cypher: What are some of your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of the gym?

B.C. (Before Chappy) I read a lot, was into leather working (mostly dog collars and wrist bands), did some kind of cycling ride every weekend, and loved anything I could bring Giovanni (dog) to. Nowadays, I mostly just dream of sleep and food. Chaps and I play lots of airplane, take long, luxurious baths together, change 1 million diapers a day, and gaze into each others eyeballs for hours.


Cypher: Spirit Animal & Super Power?

My spirit animal is half wolf & half monkey. Currently my super power is the ability keep functioning day after day, appearing normal to most, on extreme low levels of sleep. According to experts, after 4 months of this, it is the equivalent of being constantly drunk. So if I form coherent sentences and make any sense to you I’m #winning!


Cypher: If you could describe Cypher in five words, what would they be?

My dear friends and family.
Cypher: Any other thoughts or shoutouts?
Shoutout to all the people I never see anymore bc I only coach Mondays and I’m almost never there in the evenings bc it’s too close to bedtime:)

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