28-Day Nutrition Challenge


Will you be our next success story?

Our 28 Day Nutrition Challenge will transform your body, and change your life!

Starts Monday May 21st.


Questions? E-mail Coach Don at don@crossfitcypher.com

Our 28 Day Challenge will help you kick-start a healthy diet that’s sustainable much longer than 28 days. Here’s what will happen:

May 14th-19th: Meet with Coach Don for a 10 minute consultation to establish your base line numbers and set goals.

Stick around on Saturday the 19th for our 1-hour Challenge Kickoff Seminar led by Coach Don, during which he will explain the the challenge outline, meal plans and grocery lists. This will be on Facebook live if you can’t make it, and a recap video will be posted.

After that, you’ll accrue points by turning in your weekly tracker sheets where you’ll self report your daily nutrition and lifestyle habits. At the end of 28 days, we’ll determine a winner! The winner will be selected based on percentage improvement in body composition AND overall participation in the challenge, which includes emphasis on things like drinking water and sleep.

Spoiler Alert: the challenge awards daily points for taking Omega-3 Fish Oil (more on that next week) and recovery after workouts, so you might want to order those products in advance.

Having a group of people participate (there’s a Facebook group!) will provide accountability, which will help you reach your goals and provide support when you’d really like a glass of wine.

We are even encouraging you to invite your family and friends to participate. (No need to be a Cypher member – nutrition is important for everyone!) Bring the two to three people you are with the most to do the challenge with you – you’ll have some accountability partners and friends to share food and recipes with!

Cypher Coaches will be participating as well!

Sign-up includes:

  • 10 minute Initial Consultation & InBody Analysis ($40 Value)
  • Kickoff Seminar (will be on Facebook Live)
  • 4 Weeks of Meal Plans written by a Registered Dietician ($75+ Value)
  • Weekly Tracking & Accountability Program
  • 15 minute Final Consultation & InBody Analysis ($40 Value)
  • Ongoing Support
  • Prizes!