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What exactly is the No-Sweat Intro?

Your No-Sweat Intro is a no-pressure, friendly meeting where we will get to know your goals and you can learn more about our programs. We will answer common questions such as:

  • What is CrossFit?
  • I’m really out of shape, is it for me?
  • Do I have to be competitive?
  • Is CrossFit “safe”?
  • Will CrossFit help me lose weight?
  • Will CrossFit help me gain strength?
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • What’s the difference between CrossFit Cypher and my current gym/routine?

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Are You Making These Top 5 Mistakes?

With this guide, we will help you to prevent the 5 most common mistakes we see when people are trying to lose weight.

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Philosophy and Mission

We believe that we are a part of a Physical Culture, a movement that spans the generations and the continents. Our mission is an old one with a rich history: to lead the front in improving peoples’ lives through movement. We believe in our Community—that each person is inherently and equally valuable, whether they are deadlifting 50 pounds or 500 pounds. Our mission is to teach people to move and live vibrantly, with purpose and precision. We believe in our own unique CrossFit Cypher; a circle where we tell our stories through movement and through sharing in the common struggles that unite us. Our mission is to foster a fun and lively atmosphere where each of us can fully express and actualize ourselves.

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